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The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art aims more specifically at the aspiring professional artist and designer, and prepares these students with the skills and knowledge needed to go on to graduate study or a design career. The creative capacity of students pursuing the BFA degree leads them to express themselves visually. The degree curriculum enables these students to determine their artistic identity and their expressive voice, providing them with the tools and means to communicate their ideas, thereby participating within their community through their chosen emphasis.

The intellectually rigorous program focuses on the communicative power of art 鈥 it demands of students a high level of commitment, introspection, and consideration. While still situated within a university that offers various opportunities for exploration outside the field of art, BFA students focus in greater depth in their studio art or graphic design practice. The extra art or design credits taken allow for further investigation into a chosen emphasis, ultimately producing a final body of work in that emphasis to be shown in a final professional gallery exhibition and explained in a final thesis or portfolio project.


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The BFA in Art with an Emphasis in Illustration, like other intensive studio degrees, includes a comprehensive examination of the history and theories of visual studies. This approach allows for a wide range of interests and styles, suited for technical, editorial or narrative illustration.

A study of the creative strategies of global artists throughout history and a core exploration in a range of media encourage students to seek imaginative and innovative approaches to both individual and client-based challenges. More directed study leads to a practical knowledge of the common materials and techniques for illustration, both past and current.

The Illustration emphasis culminates in coursework and a thesis project that connect the students' work to content in areas outside of studio practice, such as science, literature, politics, or any range of contemporary global concerns. Through humor, drama, or instructional work students learn how illustrators can be a distinctive voice in shaping our culture.

Students in the BFA program with an Emphasis in Illustration fulfill most of the same core requirements as for the BA in Studio Art. In addition, they must complete 9 further credit hours in Art History and Criticism; 30 credit hours in Illustration-specific courses; and 3 credits in a content area outside of studio practice.

Senior Exhibition

In order to graduate with a BA in Art or BFA in Art or Graphic Design from DADAH, students must participate in the senior exhibition held at the end of the spring semester. Students learn how to design, manage and execute a successful group art exhibition by organizing a professional art exhibition from beginning to end, experiencing the work behind the scenes that makes viewing artwork in public possible. Students will be involved in all aspects of putting on an exhibition, from designing a show card and posters, to internet advertising, choosing themes and a title, installing and de-installing work, getting donations for food and beverages for the reception, etc. Prerequisites: ART 2900.

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