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Explore Global, Social and Political Issues with a Master鈥檚 in International Relations

Advance your career in the exciting field of international relations with a degree from 四虎影视. Our International Relations MA goes beyond the political landscape of a specific country and takes a broad, global perspective. Understand how global entities interact with each other and how they negotiate, cooperate and compete in the international arena.

Gain insight into issues, such as globalization, human rights and economic development, and learn how those same issues integrate with business, politics and society. As part of your International Relations master鈥檚 curriculum, you will analyze the legal, historical, socioeconomic and political factors within the global economy. You will also examine the dynamics, structural characteristics and humanitarian issues of the global community.

Support this knowledge with expert-level skills in communication, analytical thinking, problem-solving and diplomacy, and you鈥檒l be well equipped for a successful leadership position in a variety of settings. With Webster鈥檚 master鈥檚 in International Relations, you鈥檒l develop the expertise to make a difference for organizations and groups around the world.

Students check in at a booth during Webster's international graduate orientation.

Dual Degree Option: MBA/MA in International Relations

If you鈥檙e seeking a leadership role in a business environment, our dual degree option combines the business knowledge of an MBA with the global perspective of our MA in International Relations. Like our master鈥檚 in International Relations, the MBA can be completed through 四虎影视 Online or at one of our global campuses. After graduation, you will receive two master鈥檚 degrees: an MBA and a Master of Arts in International Relations.

Dual Major Option: National Security Studies/International Relations

A combined master鈥檚 in International Relations and National Security Studies can help you advance your career in government organizations. You will hone the skills required to protect national borders, while understanding the external factors that impact global relations.

Choose Webster for Your International Relations Master鈥檚

Gain a Global Perspective

View businesses through a global lens and understand how the social and political environment interacts with business operations. Through specialized coursework and research using Webster鈥檚 Global Policy Horizons Research Lab, you鈥檒l gain a better understanding of the complex relationships among institutions of international governance. With our expansive worldwide footprint, you can study and travel, building your professional network in other countries along the way.

Learn With Flexible Formats for Working Adults

Study on campus 鈥 close to home or around the world 鈥 or take classes through Webster University Online. Each course is only 9 weeks long, so you can start and complete your master鈥檚 in International Relations on your schedule, while balancing other priorities.

Join a Distinctive Program for Aspiring Leaders

In your International Relations degree courses, you鈥檒l use the latest technologies, including SAP鈥檚 BusinessObjects Business Intelligence and Microsoft鈥檚 Power BI, as well as others from leading companies, like Oracle and Tableau. You鈥檒l also learn programming languages, such as Python and R, to help you prepare for almost any data science career you鈥檙e interested in.

Benefit From a Combined BA/MA in International Relations Option

Students on our St. Louis campus can begin work on their master鈥檚 in International Relations, while completing a bachelor鈥檚, saving time and money by reducing the total number of required courses.

Andi Yurdi

鈥淲hen I deal with negotiations or business with advisors or inventors, I am quite confident, and I am very comfortable because I've been equipped through classes, case studies and even exams.鈥

Andi Yurdi
Andi Yurdi

MA in International Relations, Webster Leiden

What Can You Do With a Master鈥檚 in International Relations?

A master鈥檚 in International Relations prepares you for a variety of different career paths. You can work in government service, international organizations, the nonprofit sector, business, health or international education. High level jobs, such as some in the government or privately owned businesses, are accompanied by a high level salary. According to the , the 2021 median salary for political scientists was $122,510 per year. Other careers our graduates have succeeded in include:

  • Academic Project Coordinator
  • Development Officer
  • Finance Officer
  • Magazine Editor
  • Museum Curator
  • Security and Business Ethics Research Analyst
  • United States Army Captain


Where Do International Relations MA Alumni Work?

International Relations master鈥檚 students at Webster have gone on to work for prestigious organizations, like:

  • ABB
  • Boeing
  • Enterprise
  • U.S. Army
  • Meds & Food for Kids
  • Washington University in St. Louis

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