Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Webster Offers Affordable Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 

Among the most important questions to answer when you鈥檙e searching for the right undergraduate program is, 鈥淗ow much does college cost?鈥 We are here to help you answer that question and prepare for the cost of college at 四虎影视.

Below, you鈥檒l find the latest undergraduate tuition and fees for the corresponding academic year. Whether you鈥檙e planning on attending in-person or online courses, you鈥檒l benefit from Webster鈥檚 low enrollment fees and generous financial aid options.

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2024-2025 Undergraduate Tuition

The tuition rates and fees listed below are for the 2024-25 academic year and are subject to change. Full-time tuition rates apply to students enrolled in 13鈥18 credit hours per semester in campuses in the U.S. Additionally, tuition rates for students enrolled at our international campuses may be found on the individual campus' website.

St. Louis and Extended U.S. Locations

Full-time undergraduate tuition (except Conservatory) per academic year $31,450 flat fee
Conservatory full-time undergraduate tuition per academic year $36,550 flat fee
Part-time undergraduate tuition $475 per credit hour
Part-time undergraduate tuition, corporate partnership $380 per credit hour
Webster Groves RN to BSN, non-cohort $360 per credit hour

Students registered for 12 credit hours or more per semester are considered full-time and may be eligible for federal and state financial aid. Students registered for 13-18 credit hours pay flat-fee tuition. Those registered for 12 credit hours or fewer pay tuition at a per-credit-hour rate. Students must be registered for 13 or more credit hours to be eligible for Webster Scholarship and Webster Grant assistance.



All types, excluding military students $475 per credit hour
Corporate partnership $380 per credit hour
Nursing $360 per credit hour


Military Students (Active Duty, Guard and Reserve)

Online $250 per credit hour
Military locations; Metropolitan locations $250 per credit hour

Military spouses, military dependents, children of fallen patriots and Folds of Honor recipients are eligible for 四虎影视鈥檚 USA Scholarship or NMFA Scholarship for the difference between the civilian tuition and military tuition for courses at all locations and online.




Dual-credit $60 per credit hour
ESL 鈥 Undergraduate $475 per credit hour
ESL 鈥 Graduate $380 per credit hour


Credit by Exam

The service charges for all internal credit by examination will be computed per examination according to the following schedule:

1鈥11 credit hours (per credit hour) $350 per credit hour
12鈥16 credit hours $4,070 flat fee
17鈥32 credit hours $4,450 flat fee
33鈥48 credit hours $4,650 flat fee
49鈥64 credit hours $4,860 flat fee


Applied Music Fee (Per Semester)

Fifteen 60-minute private lessons $690
Fifteen 30-minute private lessons $360


Study Abroad Fees

Study Fee (SAIN) $100
Short-term program of 14 or fewer days (SAPA) $175
Summer, Fall or Spring programs lasting 3鈥8 weeks (SAPB) $300
Semester programs lasting 16 weeks (SAPF) $550

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Estimated Cost for Books and Materials

Full-time student, per semester $500
Full-time student, per term $250
Part-time student, per course $125

Undergraduate Student Fees

This list does not include all fees charged by 四虎影视.

Enrollment Fees

Fee Type Cost
Application fee none
Graduation fee $125
Student activity fee (St. Louis campus, full鈥恡ime flat-fee students only, per semester) $150
Matriculation fee (St. Louis campus, full鈥恡ime students, one time) $150
Resident student activity fee (per semester) $75
Readmission fee $35
Deferred payment fee (per semester) $35
Transcript fee $15

*Some classes may include laboratory fees and may vary per class. Please confer with the Bursar's Office when applicable registration requires.

Parking Fees

Commuter student 鈥 green $185 per year
$100 per semester
$60 per term/summer
Residence hall student 鈥 dark red $120
Webster Village Apartment student (included in rent) 鈥 purple $185

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University Housing

Students living in the residence halls (East, West or Maria) will pay between $3,250 and $3,800 per semester for housing costs. Students living in an apartment (Webster Village, Big Bend or Glen Park) will pay between $3,400 and $4,900 per semester for housing costs. All 四虎影视 residents 鈥 residence hall and apartment residents 鈥 pay a $75 housing activity fee.


Meal Plans

First-time freshmen and students living in residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Other students may also purchase meal plans. Meal plan options range from unlimited block meals to only a declining balance of meal points, and cost between $2,361 and $2,784 per semester.


Emergency Assistance

四虎影视 is committed to helping our students through unexpected financial hardships. Emergency aid, including loans, grants, tuition adjustments/waivers, food assistance and funds for textbooks and technology, is available to students enrolled at campuses in the St. Louis metropolitan area.